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Moped rider dazzled by sun
Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph

An ‘immense’ glare from the sun led to a moped rider’s death, an inquest heard yesterday.

Clifford Bairstow (59), of Holme Drive, Burton-Upon-Stather, died after his moped collided with the back of a stationary lorry on The Avenue in the village. Recording a verdict of accidental death, North Lincolnshire coroner Stewart Atkinson urged drivers to take all necessary precautions to warn other motorists about their actions – such as parking or stopping – as soon as possible.

The inquest heard from witnesses who described the trouble they had seeing on the morning of Thursday, October 21 last year, because of the glare of the sun.

A statement was read out by witness Zoe Frances Buettner, who was driving a car and saw Mr Bairstow’s moped before the collision.

She said: “It was a bright, sunny morning, so much so I put my sunglasses on in the car to help me a bit.”

Ms Buettner watched as the scooter headed in the same direction she wanted to go, and noticed the lorry stationed to her left, the inquest heard.

“I can only assume the scooter driver did not see the lorry and was dazzled by the low sunshine. The scooter never swerved and went straight into the lorry,” she added.

But the inquest heard the sunlight, combined with the fact the lorry was carrying a crane, made it impossible for Mr Bairstow to see the stationary vehicle – despite lights flashing on the cab. “I heard a loud bang and felt the lorry physically jolt,” said Mr Coy.

Pc Alfred Place, of Humberside Police, described the sun’s glare at the time as ‘immense’. He explained the sun’s position would have blocked Mr Bairstow’s view and would have made it look as though the lorry was not there.