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Bikers warned to take extra care from the blinding effects of the sun
Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph

Road safety chiefs have promised a ‘detailed investigation’ into the death of a motorcyclist on the region’s roads at the weekend.

“The North Lincolnshire Motorcycle Forum is working hard to try and reduce motorcycle accidents on North Lincolnshire’s roads,” he said. The forum provides advice to both motorcyclists and drivers of other vehicles, aimed at reducing motorcycle accidents.”

Sunday’s fatal accident, which happened in Redbourne, The accident involved a yellow Honda CBR motorcycle, which collided with a parked Vauxhall Astra in the village. “I don’t know why this rider has hit a parked car, but often at this time of the year bikers struggle because the sun is very low. Motorcyclists are vulnerable, just like pedestrians or pedal cyclists, but they usually come off worse because they are moving faster than either of those.”

PC ROY Hindmarsh, of the North Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership offered this safety advice to motorists:

For motorcyclists:

  • Never overtake at junctions
  • Never overtake on unbroken white lines or bends in the road
  • Never squeeze through between oncoming vehicles and the one you are overtaking
  • Always wear a full set of quality protective gear
  • Never ride in the blind spot of a car or van
  • Never overtake on the inside of other bikes, especially on bends in the road
  • Always ride at least two seconds behind the bike in front
  • Always slow down for bends in the road
  • Never do wheelies – this could endanger other road users
  • Never pass closely by cars or other bikes to scare the driver.For car drivers:
  • Always look over your right shoulder before overtaking, setting off or opening the car door
  • Always look for bikes when pulling out of junctions
  • Always keep at least two seconds away from the car or bike in front
  • Never squeeze between oncoming vehicles and the car or bike being overtaken
  • When overtaking, never cut in on bikes, especially in the rain
  • Always look over the left shoulder when turning left and leaving a roundabout
  • Never dazzle bikes with headlights
  • Never squeeze alongside bikes at junctions
  • Always give bikes space in traffic jams
  • Never use screenwash or throw out cigarette ends when there is a bike behind.