Australian Dealer:
Rocky Creek Designs
Product Evaluation: Super-Visor
Dave Norton, Secretary

The Problem: Poor vision when riding into the sun when it’s close to the horizon. Direct sunlight on the Lexan shield and on my glasses causes dazzle, greatly reducing vision. I would often find myself either riding one-handed, shading my eyes in order to see, or changing from clear face shield to smoked, which offered less glare but just as much dazzle.

The Solution: When I bought my last Arai helmet I wanted some form of visor to shade both my face shield and my glasses, and found nothing suitable. I saw an ad in Touring News for Super-Visor and ordered one at $16.95. (Editor’s note: The price has gone up since 2010.)

The visor is well engineered and well made. It attaches to the top edge of the flip-up shield, and the curvature fits the Arai shield very well. Attachment method depends on the vertical position of the visor. In its lowest position, the visor is attached directly and permanently to the shield. This position suits my line of sight in the Shrike, with its reclined driving position, and that’s what I used. If the rider’s helmet is tilted further forward when riding, as it would be when sitting upright, then the visor would be mounted higher on the shield. For either of the two higher mounting positions, adapter clips are mounted permanently to the shield and snap on to the removable visor.

Installation of the visor was fairly straightforward, taking perhaps 20 minutes. Double-sided foam tape is used. Once the attachment method is selected, the position of the four tape strips is marked on the shield and visor, and the surfaces are scuffed with the emery board provided. This removes any anti-abrasion coatings or cleaners and provides a rough surface. It took a few minutes of sanding to remove some high spots on the visor mounting surface. A small bottle of 3M primer is provided to further etch the surface of the shield and visor to assure maximum bond strength.

Once both surfaces are properly prepared, the four pre-cut pieces of tape are pressed onto the shield, and the visor is carefully pressed into place and held for five minutes. The helmet is ready to use after 24 hours.

Does it Work? Yes! I am delighted to find that the visor is long enough and positioned well to shade my shield and glasses when riding into the sun. I now use a clear shield almost all the time, with increased comfort, less fatigue, and greater safety. The visor is vented in the middle to reduce wind resistance, and (at least in the Shrike) does not produce objectionable forces at high speeds.

Downside: The visor partly covers the openings where the two movable vents at the top of the Arai visor are. The vents had to be removed (they pop right out), leaving a larger opening than the original vents did. This provides increased airflow over the inside surface of the shield, reducing fogging. I rode in a light rain, and didn’t have a problem with rain on my glasses. The visor naturally reduces the field of vision upward (as at a traffic signal), but raising the shield removes it from sight.

Bottom Line: A fine product, I recommend it and will move it to my next helmet as well.