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This device had been around for a while, but I had never seen one until a few weeks ago.

Spotting it on the helmet of riding mate Peter B, I learned that it is called the Super-Visor, is made under a patent in the USA.

Taking the plunge, I bought two, a black one for my Kubuto full-face and white for my M2R open-face. Super-Visor can only be used on an open-face helmet if it is fitted with a face shield, so I was okay.

It is actually secured to the shield by four clips, which are fastened to the shield with adhesive pads and a very strong glue.

For nearly two weeks I sat and stared at my new toys, reluctant to risk getting it wrong at the gluing stage, but I finally bit the bullet and "had a go."

Big advice - read the instructions carefully and follow them with even greater care.

An extra pair of hands is useful too, for marking where the clips are to go and when fitting the Super-Visor.

My first ride with it was amazing, the strong glare of late afternoon sunshine was eliminated, a slight move of the head all that was needed to block it from any angle and keep the eyes in shadow.

What I did not expect was the aerodynamic efficiency; it actually reduces the 'bobbing head' syndrome that causes neck and shoulder pain on long rides.

Super-Visor is sold in the USA with a mounting kit to adjust height as an option.

Do I like it? I love it. No more 'salute' with a raised hand to block the glare for me.

Gary Warner #65262

Winter 2015 BMW Motorcycle Magazine

Police Motorcycle Training – Riding at Dawn

January 7, 2014
It is very important when riding at dawn to be very aware of unexpected sun glare. I’m writing this training article on a real life experience that recently happened to me in hopes that it will help to alert my fellow motor officers. Last month (October 2005) at around 7:30 in the morning, I was headed to work traffic enforcement at a local school. The weather conditions on that day were clear and sunny. Morning traffic is always slow on the Interstate. I was traveling with speeds fluctuating from 25 to 35 MPH...
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New Product to Block the Sun

Super-VisorJanuary 7, 2014

SUPER-VISOR is now promoting a new product that attaches to the inside of your Helmets Face Shield. It's called Sunblocker. It's easy to install on the inside of your Helmet Face Shield and will filter out harmful stray UV rays from the sun while SUPER-VISOR blocks the sun from above. It's a great marriage of two great products TO HELP YOU RIDE MUCH SAFER.

A Completely New Concept in Motorcycle Safety

January 7, 2014

Being blinded by the sun is potentially one of the most dangerous situations you can face as a rider. With the SUPER-VISOR, that danger is alleviated with a slight tilt of the head. Clear vision is renewed and safety and comfort are maintained.

The SUPER-VISOR was developed as a simple low cost solution to a dangerous riding situation. Priced to allow all riders to enjoy its benefits the SUPER-VISOR is a sun blocking visor ALL FULL FACE AND OPEN FACE HELMETS WITH A FACE SHIELD.

Digitally engineered in DOT approved plastic the SUPER-VISOR aerodynamic style will actually improve the look of most helmets and quiets wind noise from your helmet.

Now the latest innovation in motorcycle safety can be yours with SUPER-VISOR.

Product Evaluation: Super-Visor

April 29, 2010
Dave Norton, Secretary

The Problem: Poor vision when riding into the sun when it’s close to the horizon. Direct sunlight on the Lexan shield and on my glasses causes dazzle, greatly reducing vision. I would often find myself either riding one-handed, shading my eyes in order to see, or changing from clear face shield to smoked, which offered less glare but just as much dazzle.

The Solution: When I bought my last Arai helmet I wanted some form of visor to shade both my face shield and my glasses, and found nothing suitable. I saw an ad in Touring News for Super-Visor and ordered one at $16.95. (Editor’s note: The price has gone up since 2010.)
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Bikers warned to take extra care from the blinding effects of the sun

January 31, 2006
Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph

Road safety chiefs have promised a ‘detailed investigation’ into the death of a motorcyclist on the region’s roads at the weekend.

“The North Lincolnshire Motorcycle Forum is working hard to try and reduce motorcycle accidents on North Lincolnshire’s roads,” he said. The forum provides advice to both motorcyclists and drivers of other vehicles, aimed at reducing motorcycle accidents.”

Sunday’s fatal accident, which happened in Redbourne, The accident involved a yellow Honda CBR motorcycle, which collided with a parked Vauxhall Astra in the village. “I don’t know why this rider has hit a parked car, but often at this time of the year bikers struggle because the sun is very low. Motorcyclists are vulnerable, just like pedestrians or pedal cyclists, but they usually come off worse because they are moving faster than either of those.”

PC ROY Hindmarsh, of the North Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership offered this safety advice to motorists:
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Moped Rider Dazzled by Sun

November 17, 2005
Scunthorpe Evening Telegraph

An ‘immense’ glare from the sun led to a moped rider’s death, an inquest heard yesterday.

Clifford Bairstow (59), of Holme Drive, Burton-Upon-Stather, died after his moped collided with the back of a stationary lorry on The Avenue in the village. Recording a verdict of accidental death, North Lincolnshire coroner Stewart Atkinson urged drivers to take all necessary precautions to warn other motorists about their actions – such as parking or stopping – as soon as possible.

The inquest heard from witnesses who described the trouble they had seeing on the morning of Thursday, October 21 last year, because of the glare of the sun.
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Drivers, Beware of Sun’s Glare

September 16, 2004
By Tom Alex, Des Moines Register Staff Writer

‘The sun was in my eyes’ is not an excuse, police say.

Turn a corner and it blinds you. Top a hill and it’s worse.

Ignore precautions and it could kill you.

This is the time of year when the sun’s glare is particularly dangerous for drivers and pedestrians.

For two or three weeks before and after September 4 and April 6, the early-morning and late-afternoon sun is lining up closely with Iowa’s east-west streets,” said Ralph Bouwmeester, a Canadian safety consultant and recognized expert on sun, shadows and the optical tricks they play on motorists.

Des Moines lawyer Sam Waters is also an expert on road glare. He learned the hard way.
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June 11, 2004
2003 Harley-Davidson Road King Police Special

As a full-face helmet wearer, I’ve tried many remedies to reduce glare caused by the sun. From the old “tape on the top of the face shield” to the “left hand salute,” I have yet to find a perfect solution. The closest I’ve come is to use a smoke colored face shield and raise the shield till the edge is between my eyes and the sun. Although that technique works pretty well, it also has drawbacks:
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