Australian Dealer:
Rocky Creek Designs

Hi. I just want to let you know that I have been using Super-Visor for many years and NEVER ride without it. I can’t tell you how many times I have ridden into the sun and never been blinded – simply by lowering my helmet. I do not have to take my hands off the handlebars and do not have to do anything other than lower my helmet. I love this product and will continue to use it all of my riding years. Thanks for making it available.
–Tom Small

The Super-Visor far exceeded my expectations and it looks good too. This was an experiment being that 1. It was being tried on a helmet it was not really designed for, and 2. The design of the helmet IS a bit different from the standard helmet shell. The helmet a Scorpion Exo Covert. Helmet is three helmets in one and while it does have a drop down visor that you can get in smoke, clear, or a mirrored finish one can still be driving directly into a rising or setting sun and get partially blinded. I used the dark sunglasses and smoke visor to make it bearable but STILL, well, you know! BUT, NOT ANYMORE!!! I purchased the Super-Visor and used it w/o the lifts and placed it directly to the helmet shell using the included tapes, buffing board, and the activator solution. It is rock solid in all conditions and it performs better than stated. I love it and will have to buy more to outfit some other helmets (Non flip shields). Great item took the sun visor to SUPER-VISOR!
–Larry Murphy

I purchased a Super Visor from your company about 15 years ago. It worked great, I wouldn’t ride without it. I would like to purchase 2 more. You make a great product – have you ever thought about advertising it? When I get my next shipment, I’ll write a little article about it and put it on our Honda ST 1300 owner’s forum.
–Michael Moore, Toronto, Canada

This is the best thing out there! Have an Arai Dual sport helmet for $19...This is wonderful invention and works so well, I never buy 'tinted' windshields any longer. Like the claim, simply tilt your head toward the rising or setting sun and voila, like putting your hand up to shield your eyes. See clear as a bell. I do Iron Butt rides and would never ride without this. Really helps reduce eye strain on long rides. Even wearing sunglasses in bright light one has to squint..not with this product. Buy one for every helmet you have.
–Thomas Williams

I've been riding with this visor for 2 years now and I will not go without it! I commute on my bike every day, and the Las Vegas sun can be brutal!. This is a Life Saver! It gives me a lot of comfort and makes riding that much safer and pleasurable.
–Sean Breeden

I just ordered my second Supervisor. Will not ride without one.
–The Captain

Have been using one for years. Necessary in northern states for winter riding and low sun angles. Ordering a second one for visitors.

I was tired of baking inside my modular helmet, tired of staring into the evening sun. Too bad the bill of a ball cap wouldn't extend through my face shield, but SuperVisor solved my problems.

I've had this on my helmet for two years now and it's a brilliant bit of kit. I bless the people who make it every time I'm riding into the sun.

Put it on my Shoei, full face helmet - easy to install - works like a champ riding into the sun early in the morning. I was hesitant to get this because of a few previous reviews but I am so glad I got it for my most recent trip. Thanks for a great product!

As others have said, the SuperVisor is a critical accessory for reducing glare in bright sunlight and for coping with low sun angles. It works well for me by gluing it to an Arai Profile face shield. The glue doesn't work so well on silicone impregnated face shields, acts like wax paper, and that might account for some of the negative comments here. My wife has an Arai RXQ helmet and I have not been able to glue the SuperVisor to her shield, despite multiple attempts to remove the coating on the shield. She isn't too happy about this because she can see the difference it makes for me, so I plan on attaching it with pop rivets this winter. An added benefit for me has been a reduction in wind noise as it seems to smooth out the airflow over the helmet.

I've had one of these on my helmet since they first came to the market many moons ago. Good to see Rider Wearhouse carrying it in their store. It's such a simple concept I wonder why the helmet manufacturers didn't come up with it. When you install it, give it a couple of days for the adhesive to come up to full strength just like the instructions say, don't ask me how I know. Once fully set, it will not blow off the face shield, although I haven't tried it with the optional lifters. With it in place I have no need for tinted shields, If I desire a colored filter my rose colored shades fit the bill. I ride behind a big windshield so the wind blast is not an issue for me. It may be a bit noisier out in the open air, just wear good fitting ear plugs. The price is right too, it hasn't gone up in over 10 years - such a bargain.

This is the third SuperVisor that I've had over the last 14 years. Excellent product; works just like wearing a baseball cap to keep the glare out of one's eyes. Only one of them blew off my helmet, and that was after about 4 years and 55,000 miles of use. I won't ride without one installed on my faceshield.

Without a doubt one of the best purchases I've made in a long while. The instructions are a bit sketchy, so I had to search online for some pictures of folks screwing it up or doing it right before I committed to mount the pads. Right off the bat you're offered the choice of installing high/low, and trimming the plastic holders - DON'T TRIM THESE UNTIL YOU'RE POSITIVE IT'S WHAT YOU WANT! Or, you'll soon wish you hadn't. I chose the HIGH installation setup. on my face shield. This placement resulted in the mounted shield sitting ~ 1.5" above my line of sight, which is ideal for me. I'm totally satisfied with the product, and will be ordering one for my wife's helmet shield as well.

I do not do reviews, but am so happy with my supervisor, here I am.

I won't reiterate all the positive attributes of the product, but I will share with you a trick to make installation easier. The Super visor is curved to fit the curve of most face shield (not my extra large). It was designed to fit a smaller helmets. This is my third supervisor installation and I made it infinitely easier by heating the visor and opening\ relaxing it's radius to conform to my face larger shield prior to marking the mounting location etc. I used a heat gun, hair blower, and was careful not to overheat the visor. It doesn't take much. Couldn't live (literally) without this VISOR when riding into a glaring sun.

Just got your promotional email. I’ve had a Supervisor for a few years and have loved having it.
–Phelps Holloway

Thanks for the quick response. Supervisor is a must have for me.

I received the visor, and it works great.
–Claude Morgan, Lake Wales FL

Thank you, and again - thanks you for the idea. I have been riding motorcycles since the 1960's and never realized there had been such a solution to the sun blinding danger until running into your website. Thanks.

Thank you so much, I was so excited to see I could get the lift kit I bought my Visor in 2007 and have enjoyed very much. I broke the last two mounts changing helmets and thought oh no. I so happy to find I could get the replacement parts and bought pretty wife a white one for her helmet. Thank you.
– Ranny Lane

We got another Super- Visor not too long ago. Thank you! We love our super visors!
– Sue Tucker, Kamiah, ID

Been using your product for years, just bought two new helmets, so needed two more visors. Can't wait to see the carbon fiber look. I placed the order today.
– Stew Chaffee, President
Rich-Tomkins Company, Inc.

I purchased a Super-Visor from you maybe five or more years ago and, true to the saying, I have never ridden without it! The major road that I ride almost every day is almost exactly an east to west road and I am always starting at the east end. It used to be a pain with the sun. I would have to cock my head a bit down, and it became even worse at the end of Summer into Fall (now!) as the sun is always getting lower in the sky. Once I put the Super-Visor on, well, what a relief.
Thanks for a great product.
– Donald

Thank You. I came back for a second one. I think I was one of the first positive reviews about riding in Prescott. Keep up the good work.
– Bruce Sandground, Gilbert, AZ

Thought you should know: A lot of people (bikies) have commented how great the 'Super-Visor is, and I completely agree. As a fair percentage of our roads run east/west, I don't know how anyone rides without one.
– Tony Field, Australia

I have used a Super-Visor on a Scorpion Helmet ... and again on a Shoei helmet. Great product design. I love it. Have ridden with one for most of the last 8 years. I got that problem resolved with a new Super-Visor, but am now wondering if I could get a spare set of the clips and primer to carry for emergency repairs. Is there a way for me to buy a spare Lift Kit? Thanks ... Cory
A: Sure, just go to, and order your lift kit.
– Cory Nickerson

I'll pass the word to a couple of NZ bike dealers I know here in the hope they will become your dealers. It is a damned good product, and I am glad I came across it. When I leave home in the mornings on my bike I head straight into the rising sun, and I cop it when its setting on my way home! Super-Visor has made all the difference for me to ride safely.
– David Lynch, Whitianga, NZ

I just wanted to let you know what a great product you have. I was almost ready to give up on my Nolan classic 100, because it had no way to shield the sun. I read about your Super-Visor in MCN, and ordered one. I can't tell you what a difference it made. I ride into the sun in the morning going to work and again in the evening going home. It is at the right level to block out the sun. Another unexpected plus is that it directs the air coming off the windshield and has eliminated the buffeting I felt before. Keep up the good work. I will recommend the Super-Visor to all of my cycling friends.
– Jeff Smith

I had to drop you a note and tell you how happy I am with your product. I have never purchased a product for so little that has brought me so much pleasure. I do not know how I ever did without your product. I saw your visor in MCN and decided to give it a try. Boy, was I surprised. I have an Arai that has the air holes in the face shield. I mounted the Super-Visor below those holes. Although this places the Super-Visor a little low on the face shield it works out great for me because I have a tinted shield and cracking the shield puts the visor at exactly the right height so I can get some air and see the instruments clearly through the opening. The Super-Visor even helps me when the sun is high because it creates a darkened area where the glare of the sun is not in my eyes. I hope that you are gearing up to handle all the orders that you are going to get when others discover what they have been missing. I bought two Super-Visors and my extra was gone on the first ride that I took with my friends. My buddy had to have one once he saw what the Super-Visor would do.
– Ben Zeppa

Hi. Thought you should change your advertising.. I bought 5 of the visors for myself and friends in April. We all have HJC helmets with flip up shields, NOT the full-face ones! These visors are fantastic on these helmets also. Maybe you should say they fit all flip-up shields, not just full-face. I am ordering another one for a spare, just in case we meet someone one the road that needs one.
– Tim R. Peck

We just returned from a ten-day cycle tour to Canada, and my visor worked terrifically. Riding in the dusk through deer territory enabled me to focus on what may pop out at me instead of fighting the sun in my eyes and obscuring hidden danger. Absolutely loved it!! I would like to order another Super-Visor . Mine worked so beautifully over the weekend in our awful heat and bright sunshine, my husband insisted on having one for his helmet as well.
– Valerie Sorenson

I wanted to add my testimonial to your web site before we head to Red River. I have tried many different darkened tapes that are applied to the inside of face shields with no satisfaction. They are all difficult to install correctly and seem to intrude on my vision. They are very distracting. We all know that the last thing a motorcyclist needs is more distractions! I had originally been interested in the Super-Visor to cut down on the glare from the sun when it is at it's lowest points, at dawn and dusk. But I found it was also quite useful lowering the heat in my helmet all day because it reduces the amount of sun entering the face shield. The Super-Visor went on quite easily and as I elected to use the lift kit, it does not intrude into my vision to any degree. I really enjoy having a cooler, glare free ride which was very unusual here in Arizona where every day is bright and sunny.
– Dick Prince

I received the lift kits. I did not have the option of having help holding the lift kit in place to check its best position while I was simulating my riding position with my hands on the bars. I mounted the lift kit at its highest point and now it is too high. I would like to purchase some of the adhesive pads from you or if it is easier for you just let me know where I can purchase them. I need at least 4 and I would love to get a pad of 20 or so. Please let me know if you can help me out. I do love the Super-Visor and now with the addition of the lift kit I will be recommending it to my riding buddies.
– Jeff Just

Just wanted to tell you what a great product you have developed. I have worn a full face helmet for several years. Three years ago we rode cross country, and I had nothing to block the sun. Last year we made another trip out west and I put a sunblocker strip on my helmet. It was better than nothing. We just returned from California, and I had the Super-Visor which I purchased several months ago. After a month on the road, in the sun, wind and rain it performed flawlessly. I would recommend this visor to all who wear a full face helmet.
– Carol Loughlin

I purchased and installed your Super-Visor on my Harley 1/2 helmet; I am very pleased with the results. Harley, in their wisdom do not have their visor snaps located so i could install an alternate visor that would provide the sun screen I needed (nor do they offer one). I used your glue to mount it direct to my helmet, it has held riding at speeds of 90 mph. Thank you.
– Jim Palma

I love the "Super-Visor !" It works great! I'm glad I got the white one as my helmet is white and they match perfectly. It does improve the look of the HJC helmet I have too! My riding buddy is going to get a black one soon!
– Jerry Fountain

I own a Super-Visor , and it delivers all that you promise. I live in the Pacific NW and 6 months of the year, the sun is too low on the horizon to drive safely. I have a full face helmet with clear visor, so there is no built in visor. With your device, I can ride safely, and enjoy the ride.
– Jon Auster

Please send a lift kit. I have an ARAI helmet and need the lift kit. This is my second Super-Visor and with the lift kit, it really really works. Hope you sell a million!
– Thomas J. Jones

I already have one. This order is for my wife's helmet. Mine works great on an open face helmet with a shield.
– Michael J. Thill

Excellent idea! I prefer full face helmets but hated the idea of no shade visor. I have tried tinted visors but they do not replace a shade visor.
– Solo Czer

I have been wanting something like this – the sun kills me in the morning & evening. My 3/4 helmet has a visor, but not my full face helmet. Thanks. Sedona! Wow! Are you lucky. Shop at Safeway. It will keep me in the $$ to buy more of these.
– Rex Chaney

I just purchased a Super-Visor for my Nolan helmet, and I would like to let you know that fitting the Super-Visor has CONSIDERABLY increased my riding comfort and safety.
– Bill Rasheed

I like the Super-Visor very much. I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that it protected my face from the suns rays a well as my not needing to wear sunglasses. I like the product.
– Ralph

I think this is one of the best products to come along in a long time. What a great product! How can I become a dealer for this great item?
– Chuck Niswonger

Where can I buy these in the Phoenix AZ area? I'm a member of the GWRRA (Goldwing Road Riders Association) and they should sell like hotcakes to guys in the group. Thank you.
– Ron Hobson

Thanks for making this "Super-Visor". I love the visor on my open face helmet and have always wanted one for my full face helmet but could never find one.
– Karen E. Briefer

Help! My Visor has come off of the face shield of my helmet. I used a new cleaner on the visor which weakened the bond. I guess weakened is not the correct word, more like it KILLED the bond. Is it possible to order more adhesive? I am so pleased I ordered the Super-Visor and have recommended it to several people. It functions exactly as advertised and brings a new element of safety to riding. And I miss it!
– Risa

I think you have a great product, and I would like to order another one.
– Jerry Young

I just wanted to say your visor works awesome! I have a Aria helmet, and I had to install the clips on the back side of the shield because of 2 vents on the top of it right where the clips would go on the front, but it was no problem and it works great. Thanks very much.
– Billy

I have done over 10K miles since I got my Super-Visor, it works really well, is it possible to buy another mounting set for a new face shield?
– R. Hempstead

I just wanted to tell you how much I like my Super-Visor. I ride home everyday headed West and that winter sun is blinding. Well today, after the easy installation of my Super-Visor, I did not have to squint all the home. Thanks for a great product, and for the fast service.
– David Strong

Hey, I bought one of your visors, I love love love my Super-Visor !
– Phil

We are deeply involved with motorcycling and many of the local shops and bike groups/clubs. We have been using your product for some time now and love it and would like to add it to our product line up. Thus I wish to request information on what is required and dealer pricing.
– Fred "Zmax" Hendrickson

I ordered online 2 Super-Visors, and I am very pleased how it works. I saw your ad in a motorcycle magazine and also on the web. I recently made a trip with several friends, and at sun down the sun was directly at ours eyes, I had no problem, so my second order is for my friends. Thank you for your attention.
– Arturo

I want to order the Super-Visor for my son. I already have two of your Super-Visors and have enjoyed them for years.
– John Windsor

Hi, I already have one Super-Visor, and I love it. Thinking about getting another for my dark smoke HJC shield that I use on my white HJC CL-14 full face helmet. Since I have the dark smoke visor, would you recommend I order the Super-Visor in the smoke color or the black? I want it to match the shield color as closely as possible. Is your smoke color medium, dark, or light? Many thanks!

– Dan Glickman

If I order the Super-Visor on Monday is it possible to have it within 7 days before we leave on our vacation. Some friends had the visors today and loved them. We don't want to wait until the rally.
– Phyllis Betancourt

Just purchased the Super-Visor at the Honda Hoot. I must say it has fulfilled my expectations. Not only does it block the sun, but is easy to install and reduces helmet noise and buffeting. The noise reduction was a pleasant surprise, it seemed as if I had extended my windshield by 6″ in height. Thanks a bunch for a great product!
– Allan Hildebrandt

Super-Visors arrived very quickly. They perform excellently! If you need any more testimonials, do not hesitate to ask me.
– Gary Burkepile

I ordered one a few weeks ago and found that it works extremely well. So now, I need one for my wife. Thanks for producing a fine product for a reasonable price.
– James R. Bell

Your Super-Visor is WONDERFUL. I live in Illinois, a no helmet state, and because of sun blindness, I would opt to wear just a sun visor and skip the helmet. Now I can wear my helmet with comfort. Thank you so much for this product. I can't believe the helmet companies don't want to buy them for their helmets. It should be a safety requirement.
– Ginnie

I purchased a Super-Visor and I like it very much, but unfortunately, I did not use the "lift kit" and installed the Super-Visor too low, which requires me to hold my head back to see the road when I have the visor fully closed. How can I purchase a new lift kit and stickies to stick them on with?
– Bud Leppard

Your Super-Visor works very well, as stated. I actually glued it lower than recommended in that 99 % of the time I ride with the visor up. I have had a number of people ask about them and have given out your web site. I just ordered one for my wife. Thank you for your friendly and very prompt responses and service.
– Noah Borkenhagen

I've had the super-visor for over a year and really don't want to ride without it. I need the 4 clips and adhesive strips that attach it to the face shield. Could you please send these and email me the charge.
– John

I recently purchased your Super-Visor for my Nolan helmet, in July and took a 4,300 mile trip with it going against the sun for many many miles and it worked flawlessly. Wearing my helmet in the bright sun is now a pleasure.
– Larry

This is an order for my 2nd Super-Visor , since just receiving and trying the 1st. It is everything your ad says & more, so now my wife wants one too ! Thanks a bunch guys! I just bought my first ever full face helmet and immediately noticed the huge difference in dealing with sun glare with no form of visor above my eyes! Your product looks very much to be the answer, however I have a question. The helmet is a "GREX" with the hinged jaw feature. Do you have experience with this or a similar helmet? There is a vent in the top of the helmet, just above the top edge of the shield which may or may not come into play with your product. Your response would be much appreciated.

– Tim Hardin

Wow is that the best thing to hit motorcycling ever. I just rode a 1000 miles in 24 hour tour (actually took us 21 hours) and your visor worked great while I turned into the sunrise or sunset! It is an excellent addition to any helmet. I will be ordering another shortly for my full face helmet! Everyone was asking me about it too..I was trying to sell them on it. Maybe you should consider donating a couple next year to the ride and give them away for some good word of mouth. Red Hot Riders in San Diego area put on the Baby Butt 1000. An endurance ride that is accepted by the Iron Butt Association. Thanks again. Your product is great!
– Craig Williams

I love my Super-Vsor!! Wish you well, you do have a very good product.
– Ralph

I have a Super-Visor, and I'm very pleased with it. I'm no longer troubled by the raising or setting sun while riding. I have purchased a new helmet and want to transfer the visor. Is it possible to purchase the glue on tabs and glue alone to transfer my existing visor.
– Paul Fielding

I just had to bring you up to date about my experience with your Super-Visor. First, it's great! I've had the opportunities to ride directly into the sun with it and it does a super job. I guess that's why you named it "Super-Visor". one benefit I've noticed is that since the sun does not shine on your face, you don't see your reflection in the face shield! This really improves the clarity of vision. When the sun is about 90 degrees to your right or left, all one has to do is tilt one's head a little and that will block the sun. this is especially important if there are trees casting intermittent shadows on the road, creating a strobe light effect. Thanks for a great product.
– Michael Carter

Thanks for the Lift Kit. I have 2 helmets an Arai and a Bell. Both have given me problems in the rain with water running down the inside of the face shields. Not with Super-Visor. It blocks that gap at the top of my face shield. Now no water inside my face shield. Thanks for a great product.
– Boyd

I just put my new Super-Visor on my Shoei X-Eleven, and Wow! I have been riding with a full face helmet for over 25 years, and finally have stopped squinting! This visor is terrific. I am going to Alaska (again) this summer, and have been dreading those long, long days, peering into the sun as it circles the horizon in front of me. No more problems now with your Super-Visor! Wish I had known about this all those years ago – maybe the creases in my face wouldn't be so deep. I bought mine through the . Aerostich catalog. This is one great product.
– Ron Weinert

Hey friends: I have enjoyed the use of my Super-Visor on my Schubert Concept helmet. Unfortunately, despite what I thought was careful planning, I chose to secure the lifters to the "middle" position, I need to change to the higher setting. So I just ordered a lift kit to remount the visor. I'm planning, of course, to remount the visor in the "highest" position, as I don't ever what to ride without your "Super-Visor". Thanks for for a great product!
– Mike

I bought a Super-Visor several months ago before the Summer Sun in Texas was at its height. I have enjoyed it very much and have been ask repeatedly by other riders with full-face helmets where I bought my visor. I tell them gladly and hope you've seen some business from the Texas Panhandle TopWing riders (GWRRA Members). Thanks again for a great & unique product.
– John Walker

The Super-Visor works about as well as claimed. Attach it to the front of your helmet, and a ride into a setting sun, its no longer an exercise in pain management. The Super-Visor, a product of Design Innovations of Sedona, Arizona, does a nice job of shielding your eyes from the sun's rays and doesn't seem to impair the aerodynamic qualities of a typical helmet or face shield. We noticed a very slight whistle at speed with the shield nudged open, and the plastic device may serve as a windfoil, adding some lift when the shield is fully raised, but we didn't find either effect objectionable. Getting the Super-Visor installed symmetrically takes some patience and a little trial and error (it mounts on the shield itself; we found it easiest to install evenly with the face shield attached to the helmet), and when the sun is really low, you just need to lower the visor by tilting your head. We advise following the installation instructions carefully. Ours sits in the highest of three positions, using some included plastic risers, and seems to be securely attached. The Super-Visor is claimed to fit all full-face helmets, which includes Arais with their eyebrow-vented shields (some trimming of the plastic attachment tabs is necessary). Super-visor provides substantial visual relief when riding into a sunny horizon. We're surprised that it took so long for someone to produce such a useful device. About $25.00 Canadian.
– Steve Thornton

I commute at least a few days a week. My commute is mostly highway, and I head East in the morning and West in the evening. The sun has slowly changed its schedule so that it now inconveniently shines right at me for most of the morning commute, and also gets me after work sometimes. It is so bad that it is a safety hazard. I bought this thing called Super-Visor and tried it out this morning. This thing really works well! I have no connection with this company. I was just ecstatic at how well it worked this morning. I put it as high as possible on the shield of my Shoei RF 900, which was just right for me. It blocks the direct sun, much like the visor of a baseball cap, but I can still see straight ahead. I really recommend this if you have a problem with sun glare. It is removable if you use the included lift kit.
– Bob - Lifetime BMW Member

Riding west kills me, especially in Prescott, AZ. Thanks for the Super-Visor's help.
– Bruce Sandground

Super-Visor: Riding into a low sun every day can drive you crazy because (unless your shield is brand new and perfect) ordinary dust and nano-scratches catching the light can be absolutely blinding. And unsafe as hell. This solution works splendidly, and once you get used to it, doesn't look that bad, either. The visor is aerodynamically engineered and fits all shields. Perfect vision and less eye fatigue is only a slight head tilt away. (Mr. Subjective note: My friend John Chase of 'Chase Harper' made one of these for himself from a vented dirt bike visor fifteen years ago. He has sworn by it ever since. It is really great to see this independently developed one become available.) Never be blinded by the sun again.
– Review in Aerostich

I have had a Super-Visor for several years now, using it off and on almost since they first came out. I understand you now have a new installation system where the visor can be moved from face shield to a different one, or to different helmets. I really need the visor, as riding into the west in the afternoon is really a problem out here in the Palm Springs area. You have a great product.
– Richard Gauthier - Gold Wing rider

With over 2000 miles logged in, some in the 90 mph plus bracket the Super-Visor has been, I feel "put to the test" and has been perfect. The Super-Visor is a fine product.
– Bill Jones

Thanks for making Super-Visor available — I've been looking for a solution to the age-old sun-blindness problem for a long time!
– Paul Wilcox

I loved the first Super-Visor so much that I'm ordering one for my tinted face shield. Awesome product!
– Mark Siermaczeski

Hurry with my order… I'M GOING BLIND COMMUTING TO WORK!!!! 😉
– Mark Deazley

I wanted to write and let you all know your product has so far lived up to its advertising. I am overwhelmed by the difference I now experience when I ride my BMW down the highway facing the sun. In the past, my sunglasses would not even overcome the glare. Now, with the Super-Visor installed, I can travel directly into the sun. I recommend this product to anyone frustrated by the sun hitting their faceshield and blinding them. I am now a safer rider and am experiencing less fatigue.
– Terry O'Malley

Super-Visor fitted easily, thanks to great instructions. Has greatly improved the safety of my trip home (fortnightly trip of 9 hours). Setting sun blinding me now a thing of the past. Thank you for a great product.
– Rex Turner

Looking forward to the Super-Visor protection on my HJC Open Face helmet with a face shield. The current HJC visor is rounded and too small to be fully effective.
– Doug King

Well, I decided to stop waiting for reports from others and bought a Super-Visor. After just one ride with it, I can honestly say that this ranks up there as one of the best four or five riding accessories I've ever bought. There's a spot on my way to work where I absolutely have to put my hand up to shield my eyes or I'm just about completely blinded on a sunny day. Not any more. This morning on my way to work there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining brightly; no problem. This Super-Visor thing works great. Took maybe 10 minutes to install, and the instructions recommend you let the glue cure for a couple days. I mounted it in it's lowest position, which makes it unremovable, but you can also use the clips that come with the visor and allow you to take the visor off your face shield if you don't want it on for any reason.
Bottom line: I would HIGHLY recommend Super-Visor for anyone who has difficulty with riding into the sun.
– Mountain Bike Mike

I have installed and used a Super-Visor on my Shoei for a couple of years. I wouldn't be without it. It doesn't introduce any turbulence that I can detect, but is a life-saver when running directly into a low sun, or even at mid-day to keep the hot sun off your face through the plastic and to reduce reflection from your face back onto the inside of the shield. It's absolutely one of the best bang-for-the-buck things I have ever used.
– Mike B.

Just dropped my helmet and broke a part of my Super-Visor , don't think I can do with out it so heres an order for another.
– Gerald Dafoe

Previous purchase, very satisfied with Super-Visor.
– Marvin Ziss

I live in Idaho and the sun can be killer in the early morning and late afternoon. Your visor just makes the ride that much better.Thank you very much.
– Steve S.

Please rush my order…late evening sun is killing me! I need your Super-Visor !
– Bill

I wear prescription glasses/sunglasses I'm having problems with glare on my helmet face shield. Is there anything out there to cut down glare? My glasses are all anti-glare and I'm wondering if there is some way to get the shield anti-glare as well? This has really been bothering me as I feel it cuts down my visibility and it's distracting. I've talked to a couple of people at bike shops in the area, but no solution yet. It's even worse with my sunglasses… I can see a rainbow looking pattern on the shield and with my sunglasses it's a lot worse. I haven't tried a light smoke color face shield yet, but I'm thinking of trying that and just wearing my regular glasses. Any suggestions?

Here is a discussion that features the Super-Visor as an inexpensive add-on to your helmet that you will find fascinating. – Super Visor Cash and I both added this simple product to our full-face helmets and have taken a 2,650 mile trip with them on (in heavy rain and glaring sunlight) – I found it to be so satisfactory that I did not once resort to putting my dark glasses on during the trip. No weight issue, no noise issue, no wind drag issue – and easy to mount. I put them on permanently but you can, if you want, put them on with disconnect clips to make them temporary. +1 for the Super-Visor. I have not used sunglasses once since installing mine. Can't recommend it enough (possibly to the chagrin of readers of this forum, who probably think I'm beginning to sound like a broken record on the subject).
– Posted on Motorcycle Tips and & Techniques Safety Forum

I have been using your visor for about three years now, The Super-Visor is my favorite motorcycle accessory and one I have come to not being able to live without! Great product!
– Fred Adams

I have had a Super-Visor for several years. This year, on a second Alaska/Canada trip, I took a spill on the Dalton Hway, about 100 miles south of Deadhorse. In the subsequent thrash in getting the bike back on its wheels and underway, I lost the visor, and I have been truly impaired ever since. This is something I never want to be without again. I wear it all the time, even on cloudy days, and find it excellent for keeping out glare. This is a fine product. I previously sent in an endorsment of it.
– Ron Weinert

I frequently ride into the late afternoon sun….and find myself…releasing a hand on one grip…to shade my eyes…No more problem with Super-Visor.
– David

I want to order a "Tape kit" @ $4.95 and will pay by VISA..have ordered with you before..great product…don't know how I got along without it..managed to drop helmet and loosen the SV.
– John H.

The 'Super-Visor' hath arrived this day at Maine. I have just put it on the helmet, and my wife is out trying it out. The mounting is well thought out, and easy, tho I should have brought my watch from my pocket first (I do not wear wristwatches)to time the glue set. (NOTE, THAT'S PRIMER NOT GLUE) The instructions are well done and easy to follow. Thank you for a fine product, and a good idea.
– Charles Anthony

I recently wrote an article in our club magazine recommending the Super-Visor as it is simply an outstanding product. I shall continue to promote your product where I can, for no other reason than I believe that it is of such great value and everybody ought to know about it. Just wanted to offer my congratulations on a superb and innovative product. I have fitted the Super-Visor to my AGV helmet and it works exactly as advertised. No additional noise, no additional lift, just superb functionality. Riding my unfaired trail bike, a Suzuki DR650, I have ridden at 80 mph and have been able to turn or tilt my head in any direction without any adverse effects at all. During winter here Down Under, the sun is low for much of the day, and your product makes riding so much more comfortable. Thanks for the product, I can't commend it enough. Incidentally, I am writing a product review on the Super-Visor and hope to have it published in a local motorcycle magazine so others can know of this great accessory. I'll let you know if it gets published.
– Wayne Talbot

Just finished first ride with Super-Visor fitted. Really pleased with it. Excellent product, worked well in late afternoon sun, had no noise or wind buffeting. Hope you get a lot of orders.
– Pete Thompson

This reorder is for a Lazer Helmet….flip up style. I have one on my HJC and I LOVE IT!
– Neil Henderson

I own two of these Super-Visors, already. Love 'em.
– Patrice Fogarty

Regarding Super-Visor 's success, to be honest, people are virtually and literally, beating a path to my door. Bike shops as well as individuals. Some bike shops seem less enthused about it as they tend to cater to the young bloods who think it 'uncool' to have something like the Super-Visor attached to their helmets, even if it were to actually help them ride safer. It seems a lot of customers "elect" a guinea pig to buy one, trial it, report back to the mob, then a bulk order comes in. 'Word of mouth' works faster than formal advertising. I have a friend who is so enthusiastic about the Super-Visor , he's become my unofficial assistant and salesman at presentations, extolling its virtues and advantages to the point where people are coming up to me asking for one or more, before i can get out of the car, or off my bike. It's an incredible response to Super-Visor !
– Peter Cohen

Subject: The Sun

Finally got your Super-Visor from Australian distributer it works Great. Thought you should know.
– Graham

I bought a Super-Visor from you years ago, and it has been in its package waiting all this time for me to install it. (I am a perfectionist, so I was too worried about whether I would install the correct height (low,med,high) and whether I would ruin the face shield installing it. Plus, my helmet was getting old, anyway). Well, with the purchase of a new helmet, and moving to a new place to live and not wanting to store it any more, I just took the plunge and dove in one evening. It turned out to be much easier than I thought. (And I just went for the medium attachment setting.) I let it cure 3 days, and last night I had to go to an appointment late in the day. The sun is low in Southern California in the winters, anyway. I realized immediately the value of having the Super-Visor on. I could tilt my head up and down again and again to go back to compare what it was like before. Frankly, I don't know why I waited so long. This thing is *essential equipment*. If I can help it, I will never be without one again! And it is so reasonably priced — an easy addition, after one has spent $$ hundreds on a helmet. Driving into the sun, it was obviously clear how much safer it was. I could see the road and the cars in front of me so much better. This is clearly an issue of not only eye strain but of simple safety. Again, essential. Thank you for your product, and I will be returning for more super-visors (or at least lift and tape kits) with each new face shield or helmet I buy.
– Jeff

I found your ad 6 years ago in Wing World & this is the 3rd Super-Visor I have bought.. Love 'em! Out here in the Texas Panhandle, no matter which way you're going, you're facing the sun. No problem with a Super-Visor!
– John (Amarillo, TX)

I ride directly into the sun on both legs of my daily commute. Sunglasses and those little strips of tint that affix to the upper part of your visor don't help much in that kind of situation. You need shade, not darkness. Without the shade the sun hits your visor and lights up the plastic and obscures your vision. The Super-Visor works wonders in that regard. It's been glued to my visor for over 30k miles, through all kinds of weather. I'd buy another one, but since the clips that hold it on can be bought separately, I may never need to.
– Michael

No substitute for your product. It's easy to install and works great!!!
– Paul (Lisbon Falls, ME)

Thanks for your product. Rode bikes in Ohio for many years, but could not ride in the violent California sun without my Super-Visor.
– Alexis

Thanks for the great service support. I have enjoyed using the visor as I have light sensitive eyes. It especially protects my eyes from the early morning and late evening sun. I have one riding friend who purchased one and have shared my experience with other bikers. Again, thanks for your service support and a great functioning product.
– Len

I have been using your Super Visors for quite a while; I have one on every helmet I own. What a nice innovation!
– John

Since we who live in the desert are always riding into the sun, I am on a one person campaign to propagate the use of Super-Visor.
– Chip

I drove without my Super-Visor for one week after getting a new helmet. I was literally driving blind at times when the sun became low on the horizon. How anyone can ride their motorcycle safely without a Super-Visor on their helmet is beyond my imagination.
– Terry

Just wanted to let you know that I love your product. I was blind on I-91 during early and late commutes to work where the sun was right in my eyes. Great product and I will be purchasing again. thanks.
– Alan

I bought a Super-Visor in preparation for a journey to the west coast. Although I did not have to face the sun every day during my two week holiday I found the Super-Visor worked extremely well. I found it particularly useful in reducing the glare when the sun was either well left or right of my direction of travel. Previous to using the Super-Visor I quite often suffered with watery eyes when traveling into the sun but this did not happen during my trip. Well done-100% satisfaction!
– Michael

Have used Super-Visor for many years and it is the best ever. The difference this product makes is huge.
– Aubrey

I have been using your visors for years on my motorcycle helmets. I have three of them at the moment. They worked great.
– Tom

This is my 3rd Super-Visor order with you. Thanks for great products and service.
– Barry Parker

Many thanks for the visor. Now that I am in my 50s and easily blinded by bright sunlight, I have been riding my Super Blackbird with the left-hand salute all the time. Now I can see, and I ride with both hands on the bars again. What a difference!
– Richard

This is my second visor, won't ride without it.
– Stanton

I bought one of your visors for my full face helmet, and it is great!
– William

I have the Super-Visor fitted to 3 helmets in my household and think it is a wonderful thing. I especially like the way the scoop feature re-directs the airflow into the helmet vents keeping the helmet much cooler in the hot Aussie summers. This is a bonus over the original and fantastic sun shielding feature.
– Bob

Purchased your great product about 2004. Use on my personnel modular HJC. Have just ordered a new face shield to put the complete unit on. The visor works great. Been using Arai XD3's for years. So can't ride without the awesome Super Visor on a regular helmet. Thanks for a great product and low shipping/handling prices.
– Gregory

I have been on a number of rides since installing your visor on a modular helmet. The visor works great. In addition to providing protection from the sun, my helmet buffets much less. Great product!!
– Mark

I already have one of these and it was one of those purchases I was unsure about but it has been absolutely, best purchase I have made for the bike, brilliant so I wanted one for my other 'clear visor'. – Barbara