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Welcome to Super-Visor
The SUPER-VISOR offers a completely new concept in motorcycle safety.

Being blinded by the sun is potentially one of the most dangerous situations you can face as a rider. With the SUPER-VISOR, that danger is alleviated with a slight tilt of the head. Clear vision is renewed and safety and comfort are maintained.

The SUPER-VISOR was developed as a simple low cost solution to a dangerous riding situation. Very reasonably priced to allow all riders to enjoy the sun blocking benefits of SUPER-VISOR, this product can be installed on almost ANY FULL FACE AND OPEN FACE HELMET WITH A FACE SHIELD.

Digitally engineered in DOT-approved plastic, the SUPER-VISOR’s aerodynamic styling will actually improve the look of most helmets and reduce wind noise from your helmet.

Now the latest innovation in motorcycle safety can be yours with SUPER-VISOR.

  • Super-Visor allows You To Ride Safely Into the Sun. No more military salute riding.
  • Super-Visor is Stylish, Aerodynamic, Vented to relieve pressure and feed air into helmet vents.
  • Super-Visor helps reduce helmet wind noise.
  • Super-Visor fits All Full Face and Open Face Helmets with a Face Shield.
  • Super-Visor mounting height is adjustable, if needed by using the lift kit.
  • Super-Visor is removable from Face Shield.
  • Super-Visor is available in 3 Colors Black, White & Smoke.

Here are some quick short answers to the most frequently asked customer questions:

Super-Visor can be remove if mounted in position 2 and 3. However, with all the added advantages of using a Super-Visor we do not believe you will ever want to remove it.

1. Super-Visor Blocks the Sun from blinding you.
2. Super-Visor Blocks Rain from blurring your vision.
3. Super-Visor Blocks Light from filling micro scratches at night.
4. Super-Visor Blocks Overhead lighting from blinding you at night.
5. Super-Visor is Vented to stream air into your helmet vents.
6. Super-Visor Center Vented airstream also intercepts left and right side airflow crashing to to reduce or stop helmet buffeting and noise.
7. Super-Visor is Height adjustable.
8. Super-Visor is Removable, but based on 1-7 above we don’t think you ever will want to!

Need we say more?
Super-Visor Team

White Super-Visor Black Carbon Limited Edition Super-Visor
White Super-Visor
Our Price: $19.95
Silver Carbon White Limited Edition Super-Visor Smoke Super-Visor
Smoke Super-Visor
Our Price: $19.95
Black Super-VisorSuper-Visor Sunblocker for Helmet
Black Super-Visor
Our Price: $19.95
Our Price: $15.95