The SUPER-VISOR offers a completely new concept in motorcycle safety. Being blinded by the sun is potentially one of the most dangerous situations you can face as a rider. With the SUPER-VISOR, that danger is alleviated with a slight tilt of the head. Clear vision is renewed and safety and comfort are maintained.

The SUPER-VISOR was developed as a simple low cost solution to a dangerous riding situation. Priced to allow all riders to enjoy its benefits the SUPER-VISOR is a sun blocking visor ALL FULL FACE AND OPEN FACE HELMETS WITH A FACE SHIELD.

Digitally engineered in DOT approved plastic the SUPER-VISOR aerodynamic style will actually improve the look of most helmets and quiets wind noise from your helmet.

Now the latest innovation in motorcycle safety can be yours with SUPER-VISOR.

Features of the SUPER-VISOR:
  • Allows You To Ride Safely Into the Sun 
  • Stylish, Aerodynamic, Vented 
  • Fits All Full Face and Open Face Helmets with a Face Shield 
  • Latest Design Upgrades Introduced 
  • Mounting height is now adjustable 
  • Removable From Face Sheild 
  • Available in 3 Colors Black, White, & Smoke


SUPER-VISOR is now promoting a new product that attaches to the inside of your Helmets Face Shield. It's called Sunblocker. It's easy to install on the inside of your Helmet Face Shield and will filter out harmful stray UV rays from the sun while SUPER-VISOR blocks the sun from above. It's a great marriage of two great products TO HELP YOU RIDE MUCH SAFER.


Authorized Dealer in Australia

Custom orders are also welcome with specialized logos and custom colors. Please call 928-284-2010 for further information on availability.

For more information please contact: Robert Witkoff at

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